Bridgette Burlingame

Senior Business Intelligence Engineer

I am a Tableau Certified data analyst with experience in teambuilding, mentoring, and client-facing analytic engagements. I apply my education in psychology and social work to understand how people think and react. My background and love of math influences my approach to data analytics, making me uniquely qualified to not only construct data visualizations that are informative and intuitive, but also to teach others how to do the same.

Senior Business Intelligence Engineer

Continuus Technologies   |   February 2018 – Present

I work closely with clients to deliver analytical solutions that provide insights and support for their businesses. The solutions I develop give clients a deeper look into their businesses, allowing them to develop data-driven strategies and make data-driven decisions. As a former Tableau employee, I bring my extensive knowledge of data analytics and visualization to each project, guiding clients as they learn how to analyze and visualize their data. I also work closely with team members, mentoring and guiding them in Tableau techniques to help ensure we are providing the highest level analytical solutions to our clients.   

Prior to joining Continuus, I spent 4 years working for Tableau. My focus was on providing technical support and consulting services to internal and external teams, educating and assisting users with Tableau technologies. I also spent time working in the highly-regulated field of mortgage insurance, balancing the need for data security with the need for data insights. Throughout my career, I have worked in dual roles of technical expert and coach/mentor for other data scientists.