Jake Van Hecke

Business Intelligence Engineer

I am a business intelligence engineer with experience in data visualization and user interface design. My educational background in economics, with a focus in statistical modeling, drives my passion for empirical results. I enjoy using Alteryx and Tableau to help clients understand their data and ask the right questions, ultimately finding answers together.

Business Intelligence Engineer

Continuus Technologies   |   March 2018 – Present

I believe a good Business Intelligence Engineer is able to explain large, complex data sets in a way that helps business leaders develop insightful answers.  In my role at Continuus, I help businesses understand, manipulate, organize, and consolidate their data to transform this information into insightful and understandable visualizations that can guide business decisions.

Prior to joining Continuus I helped develop embedded, client-facing dashboard visualizations with a focus on a high level of accuracy and security. I also assisted UX/UI teams by creating design concepts in Adobe Creative Suite, reviewing them with stakeholders, and completing projects within an agile scrum environment.