John Heisler

VP, Business Intelligence and Data Science

I’m a former research scientist bringing my empirical problem solving approach to business intelligence and data science. By taking a scientific approach –observe a challenge, formulate a question, make a hypothesis, gather evidence, analyze the information, fix the problem, and then ask a new question – I am able to help businesses use the data they have in ways they never imagined possible. With my varied backgrounds in neuroscience, insurance, healthcare, and finance, I’ve worked with BI and data science practices at all stages of business intelligence implementation, from experienced data scientists and statisticians to line of business directors moving toward data-driven tactical decision making to supporting the strategic decision making of executives. I bring a unique perspective to business questions and really enjoy working with both technical and non-technical people, helping them ask and answer the right questions and showing my clients the power of their data and how to communicate that power to a much broader audience.

VP, Business Intelligence and Data Science

Continuus Technologies   |   July 2016 – Present

I work with Information Technology and business users at financial service firms to help them provide up-to-date data in an intuitive, maintainable, and easy to understand format that their internal and external clients can apply to important business decisions. The end result of my work helps financial analysts, risk managers, and portfolio managers more effectively analyze and apply data. I also look at business processes and decision points to identify labor intensive or expensive data analysis processes that can be made more accurate and efficient. I work with Data Warehouses, ETL workflows, Tableau, Alteryx, and analytic architecture, combining disciplines to help businesses reach their overall strategic goals.

Prior to joining Continuus, I established a business intelligence competency center and an agile analytic development lifecycle for a healthcare billing system that enhanced patient experience and improved profitability for healthcare providers.  I have developed and automated analytical queries to pull strategic datasets that facilitated national peer-analysis studies and communicated all findings to clientsfor insurance companies, established the reporting an analytic ecosystems for my employers, and have published peer-reviewed academic journal articles.