Katherine Perdreau

Markit EDM Lead Consultant

I’m a software developer and systems architect with 15+ years expertise in process, user interface, and integration development. I have extensive experience working with teams to design and diagram processes, then mentoring team members through implementation. By working closely with development resources, business analysts, and integration & information architects, I help internal teams understand target architecture and data flow as well as naming standards. I bring my broad experience to creating Markit EDM design patterns for 1000 through 6000 solutions, override processes, and exception handling. Most of all, I enjoy solving complex problems and using my skills to develop innovative solutions that provide the consistency and stability my clients require from their data.

Markit EDM Lead Consultant

Continuus Technologies   |   April 2015 – Present 

As the lead Markit EDM Consultant for initial implementations of Markit EDM as well as in-progress projects, I work closely with development resources to design development and deployment processes that provide consistency and enable large teams to work together effectively. I have experience with UI Development, offshore and dispersed teams, and know how to educate and mentor in the learning of Markit EDM components and solutions. I work with 1000 through 6000 processes, 5000 level Exception Handling, and Party, Account, and Security Mastering processes. Representative clients include State of Wisconsin Investment Board and Prudential Insurance Company of America.

Additionally, I've supported businesses in consulting and software engineer role through the implementation of EDI, worked closely with government contacts within the Department of Defense (DOD) and General Services Administration (GSA), and developed e-commerce websites.