Matt Michaelson

Senior Business Intelligence Engineer

Continuus Technologies | May 2019 – Present

I am a Michigan Tech graduate with an education in mechanical engineering.  My experience is in business intelligence, data science, sales, and team leadership.  Having begun my career in sales, I am always putting the business first and looking for how I can make the biggest impact possible in whatever I do.  I have developed analytics for almost every business function including sales, marketing, finance, supply chain, and product management.  I am experienced in Alteryx, Tableau, Python, and Microsoft SQL products. 

I’m a Senior Business Intelligence Engineer with a background in manufacturing and sales.  I work closely with business people and IT folks to create solutions that save time, deliver value, and make people’s lives easier.  Using tools such as Alteryx, Tableau, and Power BI, I automate day-to-day tasks and build solutions that can grow and adapt with the business. 

Prior to joining Continuus, I architected and developed self-service business intelligence solutions for a Fortune 100 manufacturing company.  To drive adoption, I began an internal Tableau user community, a steering committee, and managed Tableau licenses and server permissions.  I constantly strive to provide an optimal user experience and enable individuals to be successful.