Matthew Moeser

CEO & Founder

I’m an experienced team leader and implementer of enterprise software systems. While working as a consultant in 2011, I identified a marketplace need and launched Continuus Technologies. Now I combine my traditional computer science/software engineering degree with extensive experience in software design patterns, best practices, and a variety of design approaches. I enjoy working closely with clients and serve as the Managing Consultant for many of our Markit EDM implementation and development projects. My focus on meeting the changing needs of our clients and mentoring team members has helped Continuus Technologies achieve significant growth and expand our services every year since the company’s inception.

CEO & Founder

Continuus Technologies | January 2011 – Present

I launched Continuus Technologies with a focus on leading development teams through implementation and upgrade projects related to Markit EDM and data management at financial service firms. Recognizing a need in the marketplace for our clients to make better use of their data, I expanded Continuus’ services to include Business Intelligence, which has led us to helping clients, both in and outside of the financial services industry, use the data they already have to make better business decisions. Additionally, I function as a Markit EDM consultant, working with security, price, index, and benchmark masters as well as exception management workflows and dashboards. I lead the project planning process, work to ensure proper design and architecture of systems, design functionality and integrations, and ensure the testing and deployment process results in a successful Markit EDM implementation.

Prior to forming Continuus Technologies, I was an IT consultant specializing in data management initiatives for financial service firms. I worked with integration teams using Biztalk to integrate with suppliers and inventory systems, built software – including claims processing systems, and architected complex data management systems.