Tessa Jahnke

VP, Client and Business Development

I am a business professional with 15 years of experience working to support and guide my clients around IT personnel and solution decisions. I focus on building relationships that stem from trust and follow-through, and I cultivate those into long-lasting partnerships. I understand the complexity that comes with large organizations who struggle with how to use their data to make better business decisions. I have experience working intricately with both IT and the business, and I strive to ensure that communication stays open and that the goal of making better business decisions through the use of data gets met. 


VP, client and business development

Continuus Technologies | September 2018 – Present

My focus at Continuus Technologies is to maintain strong relationships with our customers for whom we are seen as a valued partner for business intelligence and data driven projects. I will work to assist our clients on both the IT and business sides to identify the thought-provoking leaders within organizations and execute a plan to make data-driven decisions that improve their bottom line. My experience in IT Solution Selling with an agnostic approach helps maintain the integrity of our shared vision here at Continuus – putting the client first. 

Before joining Continuus Technologies, I was responsible for Account Management with a focus around IT Solution Selling, Workforce Management, Recruiting, and Technology Partner Relationships. I have been involved in every aspect of a typical IT sales cycle where I advised and coached my clients and their extended teams in areas such as IT Best Practices, Personnel Planning, Business Continuity, and over IT Project Life Cycle success.