Data visualization beyond the workplace: Applying Tableau to a Futurama DataViz

Good data analysis and visualization techniques can be applied to anything you’re passionate about, whether its running a business, analyzing sports statistics, or quantifying aspects of the creative process. When executed correctly, tasteful quantitative analysis of creative arts is possible and can help you appreciate the creative process even more! Using Alteryx, Mozenda, and Tableau, John Heisler analyzed one of his favorite animated comedies, Futurama. In part one of this two part video series, he walks you through the visualization portion of his analysis.

Stay tuned for part two to see how he scraped data with Mozenda, cleansed, blended episode ratings, and published a Tableau data extract with Alteryx, and ultimately built this visualization with Tableau. With a focus on lightweight, cloud-first data access and analytics, he takes a deep dive into the world of the Planet Express Ship crew!