How to combine strong data governance and self-serve analytics

In our increasingly data-driven world, businesses are challenged to balance two polar opposites in business intelligence. On the one hand, business analysts need quick and easy access to data for timely decisions. On the other, IT professionals and data governance experts worry about compliance control, data integrity, workflows, and server issues.

Fortunately, the world of self-service data analytics is evolving to meet these contrasting needs. Alteryx’s latest release, Alteryx Analytics 11.0, includes some features we are really excited about, including:

  • Data Connections Manager. This tool allows administrators to set up database connections with built-in queries for users, ensuring that all connections are secure and queries are properly run. Administrators can also audit how business analysts use workflows and the timing of queries. Plus, administrators can schedule workflows to ensure servers don’t become overloaded.
  • Enhanced connections to data sources. Alteryx 11.0 is able to connect to more than 75 different data sources, including SAP Hana, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Microsoft Analytics Platform System, and IBM Netezza.
  • Data profiling. This new feature allows users to find data quality problems earlier in the process so they can be quickly resolved. Alteryx 11.0 also includes Global Search functionality, which provides access to analytic samples, tutorials, and support from the Alteryx Community.
  • Improved predictive analytics. New improved analytics provide updated analytics tools to create predictive visual outputs for a variety of data models.

We believe that by putting data in the hands of the people who have the ability to analyze and interpret it, businesses can make smarter, faster decisions. However, these decisions must be based on accurate analysis from governed data. Quality control is important. Your IT group needs to feel comfortable with the way the data is being extracted and used. With Alteryx 11.0, now they can.