Markit EDM Best Practices – Doing a Health Check

Proactively maintaining the health of your Markit EDM database is a vital part of ensuring your Markit installation is performing at optimal levels. Just like an annual doctor or dentist visit can prevent problems in your body, a Markit EDM health check can prevent problems with your EDM environment.

At a minimum, we recommend an annual Markit health check to all our clients. However, your installation might need to be reviewed twice a year if your company engages in a lot of active development work. We’re all busy, and it’s not uncommon for a developer to make technical choices due to timeline constraints that can cause rework later. This is called technical debt, and it can be reduced by reviewing your system regularly. Health checks can also address processing time, user experience, matching, and other issues.

During a health check, we review and provide recommendations on:

  • 1000 Level Solutions (Loads)
  • 2000 Level Solutions (Core & Legacy Matcher)
  • 2500 Solutions (Enrichment)
  • 4000 Solution (Mastering)
  • 5000/3000 Solutions (Validation)
  • 6000 Solution (Exports)
  • Process Control (Source Monitor & Process Keys)
  • User Interface Design and Performance
  • Security Creation
  • Database Management
  • Markit Best Practices

Beyond maintaining your system, health checks are also an important first step in any upgrade. If you haven’t performed a health check on your Markit EDM installation for a while, let us know. We can explain the process and timeline to ensure you get the most out of your investment in Markit.