Modern Web Development

There are several ways to approach web development this day and age. How do you decide the right technology stack for your needs? From the database to the code itself, there are many options available. As a Software Engineer at Continuus Technologies, my focus is helping clients with development of web applications along with their DevOps and Infrastructure.   

Today, we are a far cry from the times of monolithic web application development (large applications serving many purposes deployed to a single server). Now, applications are delivered in a more service-oriented approach at a quicker pace. This pace requires a different approach to the development along with the deployment and the infrastructure itself. Some key points about these areas would be:

  • Infrastructure: Cloud versus on-premise? If you have an existing infrastructure, can your new infrastructure be integrated with the existing? 
  • Deployment pipeline: Various options depending on your infrastructure choice. If you’re going with a cloud infrastructure, there are deployment options integrated to make deployment easier on the stack.   
  • Web framework: Single Page Application (React.js/Angular.js)? Java based? .NET based? Serverless (AWS Lambdas or Azure Functions)? Android/iOS support? 

This is just a tip of the iceberg with it comes to modern web development. The ultimate decision lies in what is right for your business and its customers. Creating a nimble environment with the above in mind will help your organization stay prepared for the future.