TC19 | Tableau New Product Features

Coming out of Tableau Conference 2019, there are a lot of exciting new features and products coming down the pipeline for Tableau. Here are just a few of the changes that we are most excited about here at Continuus.

Tableau Catalog

As data analysts, we know it is difficult to trust data unless we know where it comes from. Tableau Catalog is a new self-service data management tool that will address just that. It will give users and data owners the ability to evaluate a data source's quality, see field names and descriptions, and have visibility to all the prep flows, views, and users that are tapping into that data source. By providing rich metadata on each data source, Tableau has created a central location for easy data governance and data management that will help bridge the gap between data owners and data users. Also, Tableau Catalog will be fully integrated with Tableau Server and Tableau Online, making integration with your current Tableau environment simple and easy.

Improved Tableau Data Modeling (The Noodle)

Bringing data together for analysis is not always easy or straightforward. Tableau’s improved data modeling, which they have dubbed “the noodle,” aims to make joining data together easier, automatic, and more flexible. Today, Tableau has limited options for data joins, but the noodle will allow you to build relationships between tables without defining the join or the level of detail required. Instead, Tableau will now build the relationship based on your analysis. These dynamic joins will allow you to spend less time creating complex levels of detail calculations and more time visualizing your data.

Mark Animations

Tableau has always excelled in helping users visualize data in ways that are both creative and fun. With the addition of mark animations, Tableau can help take your visuals to the next level. Now, when you filter or click through your visuals, you can actually see the marks in the viz change as you slice and dice your data. Available in desktop and anywhere in the browser, users now have more ways than ever to showcase and tell stories with their data.

To learn more about the above topics, all the exciting content from this year’s Tableau Conference, and the new features and products coming soon to Tableau, check out Tableau’s community page to see video from the Keynote and Devs on Stage.