Video | Creating a Data Visualization of Milwaukee’s Best Restaurants

The other day, my sister asked me for restaurant recommendations in Milwaukee. Whenever people ask me for recommendations, I send them the Best Restaurants article from JS Online. This time, however, I decided to go the extra step when sending recommendations. I wanted to show my sister where the restaurants are, so I decided to web-scrape the article with Alteryx and display the locations around Milwaukee with Tableau. This is the result and a little peek into how my brain functions. I want this to be inspiration for people to get creative with the sources for their visualizations, since my goal was to demonstrate how simple it is to web-scrape with Alteryx. Also, there is a CASS certified dataset for Alteryx that I didn't have access to while making this video, so I got creative and used the Google Maps API. You can do this too! The result of a conversation with my sister is this completely unnecessary waste of time (don't tell Matt Moeser), but I think it is an interesting example of gathering non-proprietary data for a visualization. 

View the data visualization on Tableau Public here. 

Milwaukee folks, feel free to share with your out-of-town friends or explore some new restaurants around our beautiful city! Are there any other restaurants you would add to the list?