Coordinating a Markit EDM implementation with an offshore team

The Situation

A Fortune 500 company that provides investment management, insurance, and other financial products was in the process of implementing Markit EDM using an offshore team. The project was in phase one of a multi-phase implementation and already behind schedule. In addition, the work completed in phase one, while technically correct, was not done in a way that allowed for easy implementation of phase two. With many more phases to go, the investment management company contacted Continuus in hopes of finding a better way to complete the implementation process.

The Continuus Approach

We began by reviewing all the work that had been completed to-date. There was a requirement that the work for this implementation had to be completed offshore. However, we found opportunities to better manage the development process using an in-house team of three experts, which were approved by the client. Each in-house manager took the lead on specific aspects of the project. Once the internal team was assembled, we designed and diagrammed every phase of the project from start to finish. This allowed the internal team to see the end result of the entire project and discover opportunities to reuse approvals and workflows throughout the process. We also found ways to streamline the process by building preparation work for later phases of the project into earlier phases.

The Result

The improved processes and increased accountability increased efficiencies so much that phase two of the project was completed much faster than phase one. Following that success, we were able to simultaneously complete phases 3 – 5 because every member of the team was able to understand the big picture of the project and how their individual work fit into the overall scope. Finally, the processes developed by the experts at Continuus built a foundation that allowed the company to have confidence in the Markit EDM implementation, ensuring a smooth transition when we phased out of the project. At the end of our engagement, we assisted the company by participating in design and code reviews during the transition. By the time our engagement ended, the project management, implementation, and review processes were well-developed enough that the client is now fully managing the final phases of the Markit EDM implementation on its own.