Improving client relationships through data

The Situation

Continuus Technologies was approached by a Milwaukee-area company that works with businesses and individuals worldwide to provide innovative workforce solutions. The company regularly surveys employers and workers to understand their level of satisfaction and likelihood to provide a recommendation for the company’s services. Because this company surveys very engagement on both the employer and employee side, there is an enormous volume of global data at its disposal. As a company that values innovation and active adoption of best practices worldwide, this business wanted to use satisfaction data to continually improve customer relations and the customer experience. Unfortunately, the tools that the company was using were not able to combine this data with other data sources or handle the large amount of available data.

The Continuus Approach

Although our client had the data to accomplish its goals, accessing the information was often difficult and time-consuming. Some sources could be accessed only via API and downloaded into excel. In addition, the volume of data was difficult to manage, even by expert excel users. We began by connecting data from a variety of sources including financial, marketing automation, and the customer surveys. Using the connector function in Alteryx, information is aggregated from disparate data sources and blended into one unified data set. Next, using the blended data, our client can now create visualizations that help pinpoint individual customers whose data indicates that extra attention is needed.  


The company’s engagement analysis process now provides alerts that help its sales team prioritize client outreach. Using the combined data, the sales team can now recognize clients who are exceptionally happy as well as solve client challenges more quickly. Our client is now able to project the financial impact of these interventions and better understand how to best handle both client challenges and opportunities.