Running Quality Reports in Minutes, Not Hours


A global medical device manufacturer wanted to be able to better understand the performance of its products in the end use environments. The company’s technical product managers regularly reviewed reports providing data regarding service calls and visits, inventory levels, equipment performance, and more with the goal of better understanding how the company can provide the best possible products to its clinical customers.

The Continuus Approach

The technical product managers at this manufacturer had been creating SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports on their own. The company had multiple versions of similar reports that could be pulled and displayed the information differently, which made comparisons between products managed by different product mangers difficult. Generating reports was a time-consuming and aggravating process. Data was housed in multiple environments, making aggregation difficult. Sometimes, the reports would not run despite the best efforts of multiple team members.

Our business intelligence engineers recommended using Alteryx to recreate the SSRS reports needed to produce the quality and service reports. We developed Alteryx workflows that aggregated data, including financial information. We then provided guidance on how to better display the resulting combined data and recommended using Tableau to create understandable visualizations that tell a story.

The Results

The manufacturer and its product managers are now far more knowledgeable about the company's financial, quality, and service data for their products. Reports can be run in minutes, not hours, and can automatically update at the end of each period. Plus, the reports are consistent between Technical Product Managers, making it easier to spot and compare trends across the company’s products.