Continuus Technologies announces new Markit EDM Managed Service offerings and deltaTools Subscription

Continuus Technologies is now offering two Managed Service offerings around Markit EDM and a subscription model for deltaTools. Continuus’ Markit EDM Managed Service offerings support clients looking to accelerate delivery from the Markit EDM platform to the Front, Middle, and Back Office.

The first Managed Service offering outsources delivery of Small Enhancement and Defect Resolution to Continuus. Within this model, the Continuus team becomes responsible for the management and delivery of small enhancements and defects into production for clients. This frees client’s teams to focus on higher value items and not have to deal with the noise of keeping the lights on.

The second Managed Service offering is for outsourcing full Offsite Project Delivery. This allows clients who need to deliver faster for their business to bring on fully staffed teams who will be responsible for all aspects of delivery to production.

Continuus also has announced a subscription model for deltaTools. This 3-year subscription allows for clients to receive updates and support to the platform.

deltaTools offers a complete Agile DevOps pipeline that enables true test-driven development, automated regression testing, environment refresh, and continuous delivery in even the most complex Markit EDM environments. deltaTools was built BY data management developers, FOR data management developers. With deltaTools, you can turbocharge delivery velocity, improve code quality, deliver fewer defects into production, dramatically reduce project risk, and put tested, trusted code into production in minutes rather than months. Learn more about the deltaTools set – deltaRefresh, deltaTest, and deltaDeploy ­– here.

About Continuus Technologies 

Established in 2011, Continuus Technologies is a full-service information technology firm specializing in helping clients across a wide variety of industries make better data-driven decisions. The firm customizes information systems architecture, system design, data management, and business intelligence processes to make client and financial information easily accessible and understandable. Continuus is a Preferred Services Provider for Alteryx, the leading platforms for self-service data analytics; and a Trusted Alliance Partner for Tableau, a software program that helps people see and understand data. As one of only five Markit EDM partners, Continuus provides implementation and consulting services that help financial service firms gain greater compliance and control over data from multiple sources.