Continuus Technologies becomes one of first Markit EDM data warehouse partners

In October 2017, we became one of only five certified North American data warehouse partners for Markit EDM, a data management platform that acquires, validates and distributes trade, operational, risk, finance, and customer data for the financial services industry. Markit’s data warehouse is a centralized data repository that supports the consolidation of historical security reference data, portfolio structure, transactions, analytics, exposure, and AUM for reporting and data analysis functions.

The certification process involves training on aspects of Markit EDM’s specialized data warehouse and a final test. The training process covers topics including:

  • The relationship between Markit EDM and its data warehouse
  • Integration process between Markit EDM and the data warehouse
  • Understanding how investment objectives, accounts, portfolios, positions, and Net Asset Values (NAVs) are handled in Markit EDM and the data warehouse
  • How to map data from source to the warehouse data model and best practices for data mapping
  • The process for efficiently creating effective reports, summaries, and charts

The benefits of Markit EDM’s data warehouse include:

  • Empowers customers to centralize data across historical periods
  • Interactive views join positions, trades, risk measure, performance returns, and NAVs with historical security and market data
  • Ability to query and evaluate data on a real-time basis
  • Ability to populate an entire enterprise model or tactically deploy individual data sets
  • Leverage governed data for regulatory and data governance initiatives
  • Access to full transaction history of all activities

This certification will make it possible for the Data Architects and EDM Consultants at Continuus to improve the support we provide to front, middle, and back offices at financial service firms across the U.S. As one of only five U.S. Markit EDM partners, we provide implementation and consulting services that help financial service firms gain greater compliance and control over data from multiple sources.