Continuus Technologies becomes Wisconsin’s only certified Tableau training company

In October 2017, Continuus Technologies completed the process to become the only certified Tableau trainer in Wisconsin. This certification enhances the company’s knowledge base and will allow Continuus Technologies to offer public training sessions across the state.

Continuus Technologies is now certified to teach the Desktop I course. The two-day classroom sessions provide 16 hours of hands-on, interactive Tableau training that can build or enhance the skills of beginning and intermediate Tableau users.

Desktop 1 is a fundamental course in which attendees learn about Tableau. Material covered in the class includes the techniques to:

  • Connect to data
  • Edit and save data sources
  • Use the Tableau interface to create visualizations
  • Create basic calculations
  • Build dashboards to share visualizations

Beginning in 2018, we intend to begin offering Tableau training at various locations throughout Wisconsin. The locations for training will likely include Milwaukee, Madison, Wausau, and LaCrosse.