• Data Blending

    Data Blending

If your subject matter experts are trying to combine data from a variety of sources to get a complete picture of your current state or to project a more accurate vision for the future, we can help.

Our consultants specialize in connecting disparate data sources, both within your organization as well as external sources, and distilling the information into a useful analytic data set. By combining the powers of Alteryx and Tableau, we can create links between information sources that allow you to ask and answer the kinds of complex questions that have eluded you in the past. No more resorting to error-prone excel spreadsheets or long lead times from your IT department. We’ll teach you how to access, cleanse, and blend data with confidence.


Using the combined data, the sales team can now recognize clients who are exceptionally happy as well as solve client…
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When analyzing deep and near real-time data to make important decisions, the powers of Alteryx and Tableau combine,…
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Business analysts need quick and easy access to data for timely decisions while IT professionals and data governance…
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